Smart PropertyGrid.Net

Finally, a truly flexible and customizable PropertyGrid for serious .Net developers.

SPG.Net is full of benefits for your applications. Click on the links below to discover some of them:

When looking for a Property Editor for MFC, I've evaluated a few, and for my application, VisualHint was a clear choice, and now, after more than a year using it, it did more than fulfil the expectations and hopes I had. The support is amazing for a one man show. Nicolas Cadilhac patiently answered all my questions about inner structure, why he did things the way he did, and if the modifications I wanted to do were feasible.

Peter Hauptmann at Klippel

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Smart FieldPackEditor.Net

First, there was the restrictive and defective legacy DateTimePicker. Now there's FieldPackEditor...

SFPE.Net introduces the first true DateTimePicker replacement and even more:

See it in action Screencasts: Screencast 1: a full featured DateTimePicker Screencast 2: three different ways to nullify a DateTimePicker Screencast 3: Databinding and the DataGridView Screencast 4: a FieldPackEditor is not just for dates and times Screencast of the new TimeSpan editor for .Net

In this version, you will find a totally new MonthCalendar for .Net.

Dec 19, 2012: 

Smart FieldPackEditor fixes all known memory leaks.

Smart PropertyGrid for MFC

VisualHint also publishes a PropertyGrid for MFC developers and this is free for personal and commercial use. Visit the MFC page for more information.


VisualHint and Skybound are now in technical partnership so that we can share expertise and code. The immediate benefit for Smart PropertyGrid.Net is better XP theme rendering for .Net 1.1 and 2.0, plus support for their incredible VisualTips - a must-have feature for value validation. Check out Skybound products! They can be used for free, or on subscription basis.

The free Krypton Toolkit API brings many enterprise class themes to Smart PropertyGrid.Net so that you can nicely embed it into your skinned application. Click here to know more.

Quality and support

Buy VisualHint products in the knowledge that each part is well thought out, with a smart design that guarantees longevity and stability. You also get the best support available because I care about my customers and your end-users. Each purchase comes with a 30-day support and update subscription, ensuring a good start for integrating our library with your product.