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Right To Left languages support in Smart DateTimePicker acclaimed!

Even so Smart FieldPackEditor.Net is still in early beta, I received this week-end a message from a developer working at a big israelian company about the support for Hebrew. Here is an excerpt:

I examined the control and let me tell you it is very professionally designed and implemented; way to go! Also the RTL and Hebrew are working great, a feat not easily performed by many professional companies.

Supporting RTL is something new for me and when I designed the component I even hadn't the RTL languages installed on my machine, so this message is a real reward for me. Now I know that the code I produced was not just a shy attempt to see if RTL languages could be handled. They can! And needless to say that I am armed to prepare the RTL support in Smart PropertyGrid.

This developer also sent me some great feedback about the sample application. That's why I fixed some issues over the week-end and republished a new build of the beta package.