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VisualHint runs now on Asp.Net Core 6

The VisualHint web server had been running .Net Framework and Asp.Net Mvc 5 for a long time and I had never developed with Asp.Net Core before. I thought it would make an interesting project to migrate it to Core and the result is now live in front of your eyes. It took me weeks to build it because so many things have changed. Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the impacted areas: Dependency injection (many of my internals migrated to injected services) MVC pipeline Routing Bundling and [...]

Smart FieldPackEditor Final for .Net 6, version 2.0.0, is released

After releasing Smart PropertyGrid for .Net 6, customers pressed me with questions about whether Smart FieldPackEditor would also be available for the latest version of .Net. The porting was already done but I hadn't updated everything about the build, licensing and publishing as a NuGet package. It is now done. You will find: A trial package on nuget.org. The adapter for SPG is also on nuget.org. The licensed product on a private NuGet server. Usual samples on Github. I took the opportunity to [...]

Smart PropertyGrid Final for .Net 6, version 4.0.1, is released

A short time after the final release of SPG for .Net 6, here is an updated version with many new methods added to the Fluent API (+ a crash fix). With it comes a completely new sample that you can find on Github, showing all possibilities of the API. Frankly, it's quite cool, and I'm sure you will give me your ideas to enhance it even more. For the pleasure: // FontColor property is not created because it is later added manually as a child of a Font property .ForProperty(x => x.FontColor, [...]

Smart PropertyGrid Final for .Net 6, version 4.0, is released + new Fluent API

Today is a great day for VisualHint with 2 important news. I'm pleased to announce the officiel release of Smart PropertyGrid for .Net 6 today. It is available as a NuGet package on nuget.org for the trial version and on your private NuGet feed for the purchased version. I have also added a completely new feature allowing you to fill the grid traditionally with SelectedObject and to customize each property with a Fluent API. It means that you can have on one side your business objects without [...]

Initial expanded state of properties and PropertyGrid state saving/restoring

Once more, the idea of this article comes from a question I found on StackOverflow. I would like to automatically expand some nodes in a PropertyGrid loaded with an instance of my SettingsStructure class by using attributes on the properties of that class. Also, I am attempting to have the instance 'remember' whether each property was expanded or not if the user loads that instance again on the PropertyGrid. I was curious to see how easy/difficult it is to get this done in Smart PropertyGrid [...]

Smart PropertyGrid makes it super easy to select an item in a collection property

On internet, I have often seen the following question: I have a collection (a list or a dictionary) and I would like to show a property in the PropertyGrid that allows me to select an item from the collection. This kind of question can be seen in these 2 examples: PropertyGrid --> Select object from List of object PropertyGrid use a ComboBox / LookUp Edit (Attribute Level) I then wondered if it was possible to provide a solution without having to modify SPG. This was quickly found by using the [...]

Smart PropertyGrid is available as NuGet packages

Starting now, future customers can download the trial versions from nuget.org directly inside Visual Studio. SPG for .Net 2 to 4 has ID VisualHint.SmartPropertyGrid.Trial SPG for .Net 6 has ID VisualHint.SmartPropertyGrid-net6.Trial Customers who have purchased SPG will find a key in their customer area to access a private NuGet server where they can download the final version of the product. The documentation has been updated to reflect this new reality. [...]

Smart PropertyGrid for .Net 6 RC is available

Many of my customers are currently migrating their applications to .Net 6 and it was important to port SPG to this new .Net version. So, I am happy to announce today the availability of SPG for WinForms / .Net 6, for now in a Release Candidate 2 version. Here is what you need to know if you want to use it: SPG is now available through a private NuGet feed. Its URL is viewable in your customer dashboard. The trial will soon be available on nuget.org too. For those who buy the product with the [...]

The blog is back to life

It's been almost 10 years since a post was made on this blog. To properly announce the upcoming news, I'm reopening it today. Although this website is now showing its age, I have modernized the display of the articles a bit. As my messages are created in Markdown format, I updated the libraries that process them and use MarkDig on the server side and Marked on the client side in my admin interface. The code blocks are colored with the Prism.js library. As for the RSS feed, it is still valid and [...]

New critical updates

The products you love from VisualHint continue to be refined. Starting with version 3.3.0, SPG is compatible with .Net 4.5. Prior to this "fix" SPG would crash because of the new way the IComparer interface works. SFPE has also been touched. While very stable, a recent feedback showed that it could crash when opening the month calendar if the min and max range allowed for the DateTimePicker did not contain the Today date. It is strongly recommended to download and use these versions containing [...]