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A new year begins for VisualHint

Yes, this is like a new year beginning here. I was in vacations in France during three weeks for a break from VisualHint, with family in Normandy by the sea not far from the american cemetery for those who know this place. This was very relaxing and the kids had a lot of fun with the beach activities (when one lives in Montreal at four years old, the sea is something new). Now that I'm back, this is time to take stock of the VisualHint's future. So how is it going here you will ask. Here is the short answer:

VisualHint sales performance

I highlighted May 2006 because at that time I posted a message titled Incredible month of May. You can now see the comparison with my last recorded month. This has almost doubled, so yes, I’m very happy about the evolution of Smart PropertyGrid.Net and its sales. Notice the two spikes, one downward from the mean curve and one upward. The first one is August 2006: activity was very low and I also took some vacations. The second one is November 2006: I can’t really explain it but it seems like a lot of companies wanted to do their shopping before the month of December and Christmas.

So now what? It took me up to today to almost clear all the cutomer requests received during my absence. Still a few ones and I will be done. All the fixes generated will be available very soon in a maintenance release, I guess sometime next week. Then I will come back on the new FieldPackEditor product to finalize it and take it out of beta. Once done, it will be time to define the major new features of SPG v.3. I think the summer break with its low activity will be a very good time to do that. For those who take their vacations, I wish a lot of fun and rest.